Summer Place

When: Saturday 15 December - Sunday 3 March

Where: QEII Square, Dean Street, Albury

Price: FREE

Australia is facing a plastic waste crisis. With China no longer accepting Australia’s mixed recyclables, some waste management facilities have been left to stockpile recyclables while a solution is sought.

Albury Waste Management Centre alone receives 4 tonnes of hard plastic per week. Where will this plastic waste end up? Can we possibly recycle it all?

In a first for Albury, MAMA has commissioned award winning architect Raffaello Rosselli to design and construct an experimental structure to stand in QEII Square over the summer period.

Summer Place, the first in an annual experimental architecture series, will highlight the hard plastic crisis of 2018, in a unique design that engages our local community in this critical conversation.

We invite you to explore inside the structure during our opening hours, however, Summer Place will be secured overnight.

Summer Place is proudly sponsored by Big Agency.