Virtual Tour Archive

Take a trip back in time and visit exhibitions from the museum's past!

Autumn Program 2021

Enjoy a tour of Notes from the Field: Bogong Centre for Sound Culture,  Barb Strand: Marking Time,  Carousel, Runway Journal Issue 43: Divine and DIWIL.

Summer Program 2020/21

20:20 brings together twenty contemporary Australian artists, commissioned at the beginning of the pandemic to create work for our major Summer exhibition. Never before will our museum have had every space, inside and out, presenting new work.

The twenty new works in 20:20 share visions of a changed world, a more just society, critiques of environmental policy, and the fight for racial justice. 20:20 witnesses our current calamity and seeks insight, kindness and hope.

Winter Program 2020

Presenting a full museum of works from the MAMA Collection, including new acquisitions, recent commissions, and rarely seen works from early in the museum's collecting history. There are also eight Thylacines hiding around MAMA, can you find them all?

Autumn Program 2020

Enjoy a tour of the National Photography Prize 2020, James Tylor's Economics of Water, Glenda Mackay's Detritus, and a selection of works from the MAMA Collection.