Workshop: A Flag for Me + A Flag for Humanity (in the 21st Century) with Lleah Smith

When: Saturday 1 May, 10.00am & 1.30pm

Where: Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA

Price: Free

How do we self identify?
How do we identify with our wider community?
What does it mean to belong?
What do flags mean to you?

a flag for me + a flag for humanity (in the 21st century) aims to explore our everyday relationship with flags as symbols of strength, solidarity, union and disillusion and as tools for prayer, communication and play. Participants are guided through discussions on the diverse use of flags and their strong symbolic meanings. They also reflect upon how individual and collective identities are built and shared before creating two unique flags which embody both.

All outcomes are gifted back to the artist and become part of a collective artwork.

Lleah Smith has worked with diverse communities across Australia, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia through the creation of the project. Almost 300 participants from 6 years - 75 years of age have contributed to the artwork.

This workshop will be supported by Curator and Educator, Upasana Papadopoulos.

8 – 16 years workshop: 10.00am – 12.30pm
Adult workshop: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

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