20:20 Exhibition Opening

When: Friday 30 October, 6.00 - 7.30pm

Where: MAMA, 546 Dean Street, Albury

Price: FREE

Please join us for the opening of our major Summer exhibition 20:20, featuring new work by twenty artists from across Australia.

Artists featuring in 20:20:

Aida Azin
Archie Moore
Ashlee Laing
Biljana Jančić
Dale Harding
Lisa Sammut
Luke Parker
Mary Jane Griggs
Matthew Griffin
Newell Harry
Nicole Foreshew
Rita Wenberg
Robert Hirschmann
Shan Turner-Carroll
Shireen Taweel
Susie Losch
Tané Andrews
Tarik Ahlip
Tiyan Baker

Zoë Marni Robertson

The twenty new works in 20:20 share visions of a changed world, a more just society, critiques of environmental policy, and the fight for racial justice. 20:20 witnesses our current calamity and seeks insight, kindness and hope.

The bar will be open for refreshments.   
The event is not ticketed as our museum has a high capacity, however, visitor numbers and movement through the museum will be closely monitored.

To reduce delays at entry, please register your visit in advance and show your registration at the door.
Guests are also welcome to register upon arrival.

Register your visit in advance

We hope to see you there.