Mark Eliott: Tales from the sky and land, day and night, sea and sand

When: Monday 10 December - Sunday 7 July

Where: Wonder Cupboards, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Sydney artist Mark Eliott creates sculptural installations that combine glass, stop-motion animation, and writing to create multi-dimensional narratives across MAMA's five peephole spaces.

In his new series, Tales from the sky and land, day and night, sea and sand, each peephole is dedicated to one story.

Accompanying Dr Mermaid and the Abovemarine is a 'Flame-ation', a moving digital composition which combines stop motion photography with flame worked glass.

A contemporary artist, Eliott explores sculptural abstraction and the interplay between improvisation and structure, an indication of his love of jazz. He is fascinated by the way living organisms represented in art and cites 19th and 20th century glassblowers such as Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka as influences. Ever the storyteller, Eliott enjoys adding layers of narrative and mythology to his work, incorporating performance, text, music and other creative elements to enhance his work.

Eliott will join us in May for workshops and demonstrations of his glasswork technique.