Barb Strand: Marking Time

When: Friday 30 April – Sunday 13 June

Where: Brindley Family Galleries

Price: FREE

Marking Time is a new body of work by Albury based artist Barb Strand. Completed during a period of significant challenges, the works in the exhibition draw their subjects from the artist’s travels of years gone by. There is a joyous reflection in the body of work that offers renderings of some of the most spectacular landscapes across this continent.

The works have all been produced using markers, or paint pens, a technique devised by Strand as a less physically intensive way of producing works, albeit with other challenges and demands. This method means the works are drafted one pen stroke at a time, in a highly laborious process. This process therefore becomes an act of marking time, which when coupled with the romantic and nostalgic images from the artist’s travels, creates a suite of beautiful and considered works with a tangible emotional underpinning.

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