Andrew Liversidge: Those So-Called Infinite Horizons

When: May 2020 - August 2020

Where: Dean Street facade of museum, Albury

Price: FREE

Those So-Called Infinite Horizons is a new commission for the Dean Street entrance of the museum by Melbourne-based artist Andrew Liversidge.

Andrew Liversidge plays with the ideas of expansion and collapse in his art practice. This piece THOSE SO-CALLED INFINITE HORIZONS critiques our current economic system.

In our pandemic standstill, the capitalist dream of ever-expanding wealth and individual achievement is threatening to collapse as a result of a global economic shutdown. As with all utopias, the capitalist version is fiction — those infinite horizons never existed.

Andrew’s text-based work exposes this fiction and asks us to seek a fair and equal social and economic system in its place.

Murray Art Museum Albury is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW