Comprised of three distinctive elements, a high polished stainless steel armature, a living leaf, and a vessel of water. Take a Deep Breath, 2020 continues my investigation into the interrelationships of the artificial and the natural, the human and the environment.  

Referencing historical scientific apparatus and support structures built around ageing trees, where metal armatures fuse with the bark – limiting the natural growth but still proving restraint and bearing weight – the metallic armature extends itself grandly into the room, the austerity of the form is at counterpoint to the organic material it holds, a monstera leaf.  

I’ve chosen the monstera leaf because in many ways it represents 'every leaf,' it speaks to the symbolic, to design and form.  The leaf is suspended a few centimetres above water, and as it is the silence between the notes which make the music, the space between the base of the leaf and the surface of the water informs the work.

I wanted to capture an idea of 'dynamically static' – a motionless moment perfectly poised between two states, life and death. The delicate sculptural unity of the piece  models a system, one of balance and the offering of nutrients,  the void between the leaf and water appears sustainable, yet unfortunately with time, is terminal.

Tané Andrews (b.1986) is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. His practice explores transience, transformations, and hybridisations within the natural world. Working with perishable organic materials including; flowers, living cocoons, wood, and water, as well as more durable products such as pearls, marble and bronze. In 2007 he completed a Bachelor of Arts (Art) at Curtin University, Perth.

Solo exhibitions include: Lying in Wait, Wellington St Projects Sydney (2016); The Collector, Venn Gallery Perth (2015) and Silent Distortions, Venn Gallery Perth (2014). Notable group exhibitions include: Perspectives; Ginza Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (2004) and DeMonstrable, curated by SymbioticA Director Oron Catts, Lawrence Wilson Gallery Perth (2015). In 2015 he was awarded a residency at Artspace, Sydney and in 2017 he was the recipient of the 4A Beijing Studio Program.