The two series of paintings for MAMA come after formal study into the Modernist canon of attitudes about abstract painting. My conclusion is that there were countless painters working away but only some became known as artists that are now known to a huge audience through the power of the written word and the structure of the art world with many inherent biases and self-interests.

This work is about painting and the absorption of the process. I work without any obligation to describe or represent or prove a point. The act of painting is a process of thinking, of rapid decision making, to build a surface and to know when it's completed. The thinking comes from a deep, personal place where there can be no obligation to another. The obligation is to one's self to carry through to the end, that's the idea and that's the content

For over 32 years Mary Jane Griggs has lived and worked as an artist and art teacher in Albury. She has witnessed and participated in the growth of the visual arts and professional cultural sector on both sides of the Murray. Griggs has exhibited at and supported local, regional and artist run galleries with numerous solo presentations and group exhibitions. Through her position with TAFE NSW she has taught visual art to many people of the region. Formal art training here has evolved from night classes to Degree level providing a local pathway to a creative working life. The balance for her is between painting, continually learning and teaching.