Storage is a compression of stuff but also symbolically a compression of time. In storage spaces obsolescence and potential are heaped together and indistinguishable from one another. These spaces therefore present a compression of the past and the future within an inert present. This condition has been heightened during the lockdowns where the sense of time and space being compressed has formed a dominant aspect of experience. This project is a response to this psychological framework and will involve the central premise of relocating the things in storage around the museum into the gallery spaces. The commissioned project will consist of a monumental construction assembled from all the logistical stuff that exists in the museum storage and back of house. This project will reverse the order of what is made visible and offered up for aesthetic consideration in the museum.

Biljana Jančić is an artist living on Country of the Wangal people of the Eora Nation (Inner West Sydney). She works primarily with site-specific installation that is underpinned by an analysis of forces, structures and atmospheres that come to shape experiences of particular spaces. The resulting works operate as punctures that highlight, amplify or distort existing spatial dynamics. Jančić’s projects have been regularly commissioned and exhibited in a wide range of independent and institutional contemporary art spaces. She studied at the Sydney College of Arts, USYD where she completed a PhD in 2013.