Interactive Demonstration: The Wonders of Cloud Essence

When: Saturday 25 May, 10.30am - 11.30am

Where: Workshop within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Price: $6 per child

Mark Eliott's Tales from the sky and land, day and night, sea and sand has been delighting visitors of all ages. We are thrilled to have Mark return to present an interactive demonstration for children.

At this special event, children will meet the artist's alter-ego, Dr Eliott-McFoggarty, a self taught scientist who is rekindling an ancient family research project - begun in the 1500s, called ‘Essence of Cloud’.  Cloud Essence is a sublime substance thought to exist between airborne water molecules, a mystical component of clouds.

Participants will see an ‘apparatus for the enrichment of cloud essence’ in operation as well as a display of historical artefacts and other artworks, take a sniff from a bottle of Cloud Essence and may even get to participate in the blowing of a miniature glass cloud.

Suitable for school-aged children. Children will need to be supervised by a guardian, however, due to space restrictions, we ask that no more than one guardian accompanies each child.

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Meet Mark Eliott

A contemporary artist, Mark Eliott explores sculptural abstraction and the interplay between improvisation and structure, an indication of his love of jazz. He is fascinated by the way living organisms represented in art and cites 19th and 20th century glassblowers such as Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka as influences. Ever the storyteller, Eliott enjoys adding layers of narrative and mythology to his work, incorporating performance, text, music and other creative elements to enhance his work.

Mark completed a Master of visual arts and Master of studio arts at Sydney College of the arts as well as associate diploma in Jazz studies (saxophone) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.