Zzzzz: Sleep Talkers Panel Discussion

When: Wednesday 24th July, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Where: Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Join us as we delve deep into the sleeping mind and bodily behaviours during our states of slumber. Presented with La Trobe University, the panel discussion will welcome invited experts working in the fields of sleep and psychology to explore some of the many sleep-related disorders experienced by almost 20% of the Australian population, including the phenomenon of sleep-fatigue, altered states and the relationship between sleep and mental health.

Zzzzz curator Mark Feary will moderate the discussion, linking issues that emerge from the artists’ work to include the politics of sleep, the intrusion of economic pressures on our sleep and the sleep medication epidemic. The discussion will extend to exploring historical depictions of the sleeping figure in art, artists working with surrealist themes, and the treatment of altered states and delirium in art – as presented by artists in the exhibition.

Portrait of Dr Bei Bei

Dr Bei Bei is an NHMRC Health Professional Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, and a Clinical Psychologist at Monash University Healthy Sleep Clinic. Her clinical work has focused on mood, anxiety, and sleep disorders in adult, adolescent, and perinatal populations. Dr Bei’s research interests include: the psychological and behavioural aspects of sleep and wake behaviours; the relationship between sleep and mental health; sleep and wake behaviours in adolescents; sleep in women (including sleep and wellbeing during pregnancy and menopause); and psychological interventions for sleep disturbance and insomnia.

Dr Moira Junge portrait of caucasian woman with brown blonde hair and white rimmed glasses

Dr Moira Junge is a health psychologist, specialising in treating sleep disorders without medication, and is passionate about promoting sleep health through research, education and advocacy. She currently practices at Yarraville Health Group and sits on the board of The Sleep Health Foundation. Moira has a Doctorate in Health Psychology and has over twenty years’ experience in the healthcare sector, having worked in the sleep field since 1994. She is a recent chair of the Australasian Sleep Association's Insomnia and Sleep Health Special Interest Group.  Moira uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques as well as drawing on hypnosis, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT) and well-developed counselling skills. She is committed to providing the highest standard of psychological care and is passionate about, and actively involved in, educating other psychologists about treating sleep.  She is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne. Moira’s areas of interest and expertise include insomnia, anxiety, depression, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, adherence to CPAP therapy, nightmares, and phobias.

Portrait of Jacqueline Millner, caucasian woman with long light coloured hair in corporate clothing

Dr Jacqueline Millner completed studies in law, political science, and visual arts, before consolidating a career as an arts writer and academic specialising in the history and theory of contemporary art. Sheis Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Deputy Head of the School (Partnerships) of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University. Until recently she was Associate Professor of Art History and Theory at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. She has published widely on contemporary Australian and international art in key anthologies, journals and catalogues of national and international institutions. Her books include Conceptual Beauty: Perspectives on Australian Contemporary Art (Artspace, 2010), Australian Artists in the Contemporary Museum (Ashgate, with Jennifer Barrett, 2014), Fashionable Art (Bloomsbury, with Adam Geczy, 2015), and Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes, (Routledge, co-edited with Catriona Moore, 2018). She co-convenes the research cluster Contemporary Art and Feminism (contemporaryartandfeminism.com), and is currently leading the research project Care: Feminism, Art, Ethics in the age of neoliberalism (2018-2021).

Image of caucasian man in grey suit jacket and stripy knit sweater with short brown hair and stubble

Moderated by Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness curator, Mark Feary, Artistic Director of Gertrude Contemporary in Preston, Melbourne. He has worked within the visual art sector for twenty years in a range of contemporary art centres, universities, museums and artist-led initiatives, with an emphasis on contemporary art and almost exclusively within the not-for-profit sector. Feary has worked in curatorial and programming roles at Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney; Artspace, Sydney; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne; and West Space, Melbourne.

Set within the dreamy exhibition space of Zzzzz, sleep-friendly refreshments will be served. BYO eye mask.

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