Workshop: Glass Blowing with Mark Eliott

When: Sunday 26 May, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Where: Workshop within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Price: $120 ($108 moMAMA/Concession)

Suitable for ages: 16+

Experience the magic of blowing and sculpting glass in the flame in this hands-on workshop with artist Mark Eliott. Mark's current exhibition Tales from the sky and land, day and night, sea and sand has been delighting visitors of all ages, and we're thrilled to be offering a full day workshop with the artist.

This 1-day introductory workshop will cover many of the basic techniques used for working clear and coloured borosilicate glass in the flame using an oxygen-propane torch; including sculpting, joining, stretching, blowing, encasement and colour mixing. You will produce a variety of objects you can take home such as: small abstract sculptural forms, vessel forms, wearable objects and animals.

Marks approach to teaching borosilicate flame-work combines improvisation with planning and structure. His aim is to make the experience both informative and playful - whether it is intended as an ongoing practice or a one-off life adventure.  “To blow a glass bubble or sculpt a blob of molten glass in the flame is mesmerising, it’s like working with toffee or liquid gemstone”.

The session will begin with introductions, safety talk and a demonstration followed by a playful first encounter with the medium. Next you will be given a simple project to make such as a pendant. After lunch you will be able to blow a bubble with a glass tube and learn how to make a glass animal. Individual guidance will be provided whenever possible. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate level students.

Meet Mark Eliott

A contemporary artist, Mark Eliott explores sculptural abstraction and the interplay between improvisation and structure, an indication of his love of jazz. He is fascinated by the way living organisms represented in art and cites 19th and 20th century glassblowers such as Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka as influences. Ever the storyteller, Eliott enjoys adding layers of narrative and mythology to his work, incorporating performance, text, music and other creative elements to enhance his work.

Mark completed a Master of visual arts and Master of studio arts at Sydney College of the arts as well as associate diploma in Jazz studies (saxophone) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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