ARTCHAT with Brian Fuata

When: Thursday 24 October, 10.30am - 11.30am

Where: Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Join artist Brian Fuata for a Q & A conversation within Certain realities.

Brian is a Samoan-Australian artist known for his improvisational performances, made up movement, conversation, and text - often derived from emails and text messages. His improvisations are grounded in his training in postdramatic theatre, a fusion of performance art and experimental theatre characterised by the following stylistic traits: the performer as theme and protagonist; a non-linear narrative; multiple registers of presentation and points of reception; reflexivity, accumulation and self-referentiality; and working with scores.

For Certain realities, Brian is presenting a performance work in five parts, Broadloom. To stimulate Broadloom, Brian placed a full page advertisement in the Border Mail on 3 August, calling upon men named Brian to begin a correspondence as part of an art project. The evolution of this project is revealed over 5 performances, with the final installment at the closing event on 8 November.

Brian will be joined by Albury based writer and researcher Sally Denshire, PhD.

Please join us for morning tea afterwards.