Between the Desert and Moon: Central and Western Desert Artists is a collection of late twentieth to early twenty-first century central desert aboriginal art. It represents a broad survey of the painting movements of the Western Deserts, and a representation of the cultural and artistic diversity in this region.

The collection comes as a gift from Robert Michael Moon (Michael Moon) has been an avid collector for over 50 years of two- and three-dimensional European and Aboriginal art.  During the 1970s – 1990s Moon collected work from the Western Desert, an area that borders the Northern Territory and Western Australia. 

Moon has collected work from the Western Desert area of the Northern Territory and Western Australian borders over many years, concentrating on the Blackstone area. The works include two and three dimensional pieces by major artists such as the recently deceased Tiger Palpatja from the community of Amata in South Australia, Lucy Yukenberri from Balgo in Western Australia and Johnny Yungut Tjupurrurla from the Papunya Tula Artists cooperative in the Northern Territory.

All of the work he collects is sourced from local artists' cooperatives and is of indisputable provenance. The works are by both men and women artists and primarily depict traditional themes.The collection forms an integral part of the modern history of the Aboriginal peoples of the desert, and of Australian art history.

Moon's recent donation of 19 significant works increases the representation of Aboriginal artists and significant Australian artists in MAMA's collection.

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