Drypoint Etching

Welcome to the world of Printmaking! MAMA is thrilled to be working with Creators Artspace, a working Print studio and artist collective on Gateway Island, to offer two Printmaking courses to MAMA Studio students. Relief Printing (Linocuts) and Drypoint Etching. Courses will be run in alternating terms.

In both courses you will learn about the technical, process driven world of printmaking, learn about the operation of a print studio, including the equipment, materials, inks, and substrates, as well as the different types of printmaking and print traditions.

In this entry level printmaking course, learn the technique of Drypoint Etching. Drypoint utilises a hard needle to 'scratch' a design into a base plate, similar to engraving. The design on the plate is then inked and printed using an intaglio technique. Unlike relief printing where a carved plate is inked like a stamp to create a print, intaglio prints are created by inking the whole carved plate then wiping the very top layer, leaving ink only in the incisions of the plate. A print is then created by applying heavy pressure on the paper over the plate.

Over 8 weeks, students will practice the drypoint etching technique on plastic plates, and explore the creative printing process with additional techniques such as mono prints, hand colouring, collagraphs and two plate prints.

Tutor Abi Thompson will teach you core printmaking skills including:

  • Understanding the different tools, paper types, and printing inks
  • Draw and transfer a design onto the plate surface
  • Etching the image into the plate using a hard needle
  • Inking and wiping the plate and registering the plate in the press
  • Practicing and perfecting the printing process to produce a limited edition print

Drypoint Etching will suit those who enjoy drawing, design and illustration and are looking to extend their hand drawing skills into print. Unlike linocut and relief printing techniques, etching allows more control over line, depth, width and texture of etches, creating a more nuanced texture and depth to printed work.

As an experienced artist and art teacher, Abi will be able to share her experience of incorporating printmaking into her broader arts practice, combining elements of textiles, painting, drawing, and varied styles of prints. Her enthusiasm for the technical process of printing will inspire students to continue their experimentation with the medium. This course is suitable for beginners, as well as students that completed the Relief Printing (Linocuts) course in 2019.

  • When
    Wednesdays, 6.00pm - 8.30pm, beginning 29 April
  • Where
    Creators Artspace, Gateway Island, Wodonga
  • Price
    $400 ($385 Member / Concession)
  • Suitable for 16+

Meet the Tutor: Abi Thompson

Abi Thompson is an artist that began her life in the graphic design and printing industry, when both design and printing were a manual process. The romance of the process, and experimentation, has led Abi to explore many different creative mediums. She is well known for her textile work, and has recently immersed herself in painting and combining mediums together in new ways. Abi is working on her own printmaking practice, spending time with master printmakers in the pursuit of perfecting each step of the process.

Following her work as a graphic designer, Abi turned her focus to arts education, and spent the remainder of her working life sharing her love of art with secondary school students and later TAFE students. Her curiosity and warmth is infectious, and her classroom is a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Abi is a member of Creators Artspace, and invites you to drop in and see the printing studio and examine the prints that are hanging in the gallery space for inspiration.

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