When: Register your interest for 2020

Where: Workshop within the Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Length: 5 fortnightly sessions (20 hours)

Price: $260 ($245 moMAMA / Concession)

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After completing Digital Photography Level One, expand your core technical and creative skills including:

  • Advanced camera settings: Learn to harness your camera's full capacity through advanced understanding of your camera's manual settings.
  • Technical development: Develop your control of lighting, colour and exposure for different effects.
  • Composition and creative perspective: Develop your creative flair and eye for composition.
  • Photographic genres: Build your experience in macro, landscape, artistic photography, and portraiture.
  • Post Production: Delve further into image manipulation and handling with specialist software.
  • Artistic Guidance: Specialist mentoring in your particular areas of interest

You'll need to bring your own camera SLR (DSLR), or at least a high end compact camera with manual (M) setting, the camera manual and a tripod. There will be some studio lighting and other equipment available for participants to use, however Dirk welcomes students to bring along any other lighting or equipment that they would like to learn how to use.

This course is 20 hours in duration, spread over 5 fortnightly sessions.
The course incorporates field trips and mini-workshops on specialty areas of photography.

If you are unsure whether to enrol in Level 1 or Level 2 Digital Photography, please contact us and we discuss your level of experience and skill.

Meet the Tutor: Dirk Wallace

Portrait of photographic tutor Dirk Wallace

Dirk Wallace is an experienced freelance photographer, working as a commercial photographer for events and business. Dirk is a web developer and incorporates his photography work into online applications for business, specialising in camera and photography stores.

As an artist, Dirk has a passion for botanical photography, and abstract photographic art. He enjoys the medium of photography as a way of capturing the elements of nature, and utilises experimental photographic techniques to extend the medium.

Dirk particularly enjoys building community around art, and connecting people through their love of photography. As a teacher, Dirk is appreciated for his ability to ignite his students interest and creative flair, whilst providing stepwise, practical tuition on the technical details.