Oil Painting for Beginners

Over 4 Saturdays, you'll be guided on how to handle the medium of oil paint and encouraged to express your own creative ideas.

This short course is suitable to beginners or advanced students, as its focus is on the flexible nature of oil painting as a creative process, rather than a means to an end with predictable outcomes.

In this course you’ll gain valuable steps necessary for oil painting, such as -

  • Gain confidence with materials
  • Colour mixing with oil paints and pigments
  • Composition and perspective
  • Investigating subject matter
  • Capturing the essence of what you see

Along with learning the technicalities, you’ll be encouraged to cultivate your own sense of natural direction. This course will aim to debunk the myths that surround oil painting as being an intimidating medium. Once you’ve started, it’s usually hard to stop!

Please make sure you check the current conditions of entry for the museum, as these will change over the coming months.

  • When
    Saturdays 10.30am - 3.30pm, beginning 5 February
  • Where
    Studio within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA
  • Price
    $300 ($275 Member / Concession)

Oil Painting for Beginners - Materials Kit

    Oil paints – 40 ml:
    -Ultramarine Blue
    -Phthalo Blue
    -Spectrum Yellow
    -Lemon Yellow
    -Spectrum Red
    -Spectrum Crimson
    -Burnt Umber
    -Titanium White
    -Zinc White
    Odourless Solvent 500ml
    Art Spectrum no.1 Medium 500 ml
    A4 Canvas paper pad
    4 x synthetic paint brushes
    no.9 palette knife
    A4 disposable palette pat

    Cost: $300
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Meet the Tutor: Elynor Smithwick

Elynor’s preferred medium is oil paint, which she uses to depicts the value in ordinary moments.

Often inspired by the gentle quality of film stills, she endeavors to find movement and action within pre-existing personal photographs. This, along with appreciating the direct details of painting from life within such subjects as physical interiors and exteriors, is the foundation of her practice.

Elynor was born in Albury, NSW. She’s completed her Undergraduate and Honours degrees in Fine Arts through the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, from 2016-2019. She is represented by the gallery Otomys in Australia and the UK. She’s eager to share creative information and share a space where individuals have the opportunity to explore, expand on their strengths and their unique eye.

Elynor's website

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