When: Register your interest for 2020

Where: Studio within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Length: 8 weeks

Price: $260 ($245 moMAMA / Concession)

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Looking for a new way to unwind after work? Discover the ancient art of mosaics, one of the oldest decorative arts. Mosaic decoration can be applied to any number of different surfaces, from small decorator items to larger bathroom or alfresco projects.

Passionate tutor Ann Kirkwood will teach you about the traditional applications of this art form and show examples of mosaic art from around the world. Be inspired by the work of Mosaic masters before you undertake the planning of your first project.

Whether you are a beginner, or have some experience, you will be individually guided to improve each aspect of your mosaic technique:

  • Plan a design that compliments the shape and surface of the project
  • Prepare and seal your work surface
  • Cut tiles, ceramics, and  mirrors with minimal damage
  • Shape and file individual pieces
  • Place and glue your design
  • Use depth of tone and colour contrasts to highlight the details of your design
  • Neatly grout and seal your work

Each student will complete three projects, of varying shape and dimension. Once mastering working on a flat surface, students will take on a three dimensional pot, to gain experience with working with gravity. The third project will be chosen by the student. Each student can work at their own pace, mastering the basic skills, or advancing on to more challenging design and techniques.

Ann will teach you how to avoid the common pitfalls of working with mosaics, such as:

  • planning a design that works with the shape and dimensions of the project
  • measuring the volume of material required for the design
  • ensuring the durability of the glue and grout, especially for outdoor projects
  • preventing injury to eyes and skin from sharp glass and tile shards

Meet the Tutor: Ann Kirkwood

Ann Kirkwood discovered the world of mosaics over 17 years ago. Working from her home studio, she creates unique pieces from tiles and ceramics largely collected from op shops. Ann enjoys using the patterns on each piece to build depth to her work, and thoroughly enjoys the mathematical challenge of the geometric designs.

She regularly teaches mosaic workshops at both TAFE and from her garden studio at home. She has a regular stall at the QEII Twilight Markets selling smaller items including decorative mirrors, pots and garden ware,  birdhouses and house numbers, as well as larger mosaic alfresco panels and other commissioned pieces.

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