Recent Susan Moorhead Award Acquisitions

The Tumour - Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce, The Tumour 2011, digital photographic print on photographic paperPurchased from the artist by the Friends of the Albury Regional Art Gallery for the AlburyCity Visual Arts Collection, The Tumour was a finalist in the 2011 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. The work was purchased from 'The Wandering' exhibition curated by the Albury Art Gallery in June 2011 after Pearce won the 2009 Susan Moorhead Memorial Award.

In the exhibition 'The Wandering', Andrew Pearce brought together a body of work from 2009 to 2011 that explored the notion of discovery and how, within the act of discovery, the most beautiful things are often in places that are yet to be uncovered. 'The Wandering' showcased 13 photographic works and three short films, all of them combining portraiture and landscape to create moody and theatrical settings.

In 2009 Andrew Pearce entered the Susan Moorhead Memorial Award. The 2009 prize was judged by philanthropist and Chairman and Executive Director of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Dr Gene Sherman, who awarded Pearce Winner of the 2009 Susan Moorhead Art Prize for his work titled 'Wolves are Withering'.

Memento Mori II - Richard Janson

A photograph of a bowl of decaying fruitWhat happens in the studio over sixty days? Hot dry air conditions over summer accelerate the natural cycle of organic matter and a new intensity develops. With the use of a manual camera, reflectors, studio and handheld lights during a long exposure Janson 'paints in' light referencing c17th Dutch still life painters who were emulating the dramatic light of Caravaggio.

The scene is constructed and captured in front of the camera not on a computer. Janson borrows the tradition of 'memento mori' visual metaphors about time and mortality to comment on the dislocated position of food in contemporary consumer culture.

In 2012 Richard Janson entered the Albury Art Gallery's Susan Moorhead Memorial Award, one of 27 artists to compete for the prize. Eighteen of the artists were shortlisted and included in an exhibition of finalists held at the Albury Art Gallery. Directors of Arc One Gallery Melbourne, Fran Clark and Suzanne Hampel, judged Janson the winner of the 2012 Susan Moorhead Memorial Award with his work titled Memento Mori II 2011.

Encrevisse - Richard Janson 

Richard Janson printThe photographs by Richard Janson revisit the c17th still life tradition of Dutch painting. An era and genre that were immortalised in visions of middleclass desire, captured for all time, as a metaphor for affluence, reassigning the phenomenon of surplus wealth from ethics to aesthetics.

The subject matter of Dutch still life painting transcended seasonal restrictions on what produce was available and showcased the breadth of Dutch merchant influence throughout the world. Through this series of photographs, Janson evokes a sense of wonder, giving us a thrill in response to the complexity of these images of fresh to over-ripe produce taken when seasonal, an important part of how he works.

Encrevisse was one of the 21 works Janson exhibited in 'Harvest' his solo exhibition as an outcome of winning the 2012 Susan Moorehead Memorial Award.

The work was recommended by the Albury Art Gallery to the Friends of the Albury Regional Art Gallery as an acquisition for 2013. The Friends voted to purchase the work. Encrevisse was subsequently featured as the front cover image for the exhibition catalogue 'Harvest' held at the Albury Art Gallery in 2013.