The galleries 

Two collection galleries on the ground floor provide permanent exhibition spaces for AlburyCity's extensive collection, including the Sir Russell Drysdale and Howard Gift collections

The contemporary galleries have the flexibility to allow for a variety of exhibition layouts and sizes. There will be plenty of space to host major national and international exhibitions as well as large-scale installations

A dedicated emerging artists gallery is set to showcase the talent that exists in our region and offer emerging artists the experience of exhibiting in a major art museum. You can find out more on our exhibiting your work page.

Gallery 1 and 2 (Collection Gallery)

Galleries 1 and 2 are dedicated to the city's permanent visual art collection.

Gallery 3 (Foyer)

Gallery 3 sets the mood for MAMA each day and often features parts of a larger exhibition. 

Gallery 4 (ShopMAMA)

This space has been dedicated to ShopMAMA

Gallery 5

Gallery 5 showcases both established and emerging contemporary Australian artists. Through partnerships with commercial galleries and curators, MAMA can present a diverse range of current contemporary artwork.

Most exciting of all, Gallery 5 works are available for purchase. 

Gallery 6, 7 and 8 (Contemporary and Touring)

Gallery 6, 7 and 8 is an expansive space that can become one large space or be broken up into three or more spaces. The spaces aim to attract blockbuster national and international touring exhibitions, along with major in-house curated exhibitions. 

Gallery 9 (a-c) Town Hall

Gallery 9 (a-c) is a contemporary exhibition space designed to present a dynamic program of exhibitions across its three gallery spaces. Central to the exhibition program is the presentation of a visual culture that honours risk, experimentation and creativity. We want to stimulate dialogue and debate, and showcase the best of regional and emerging artists from the Murray Region.

Gallery 10

Gallery 10 is dedicated to the display of new media and installation art, from information and communications technology to virtual and immersive environments.

QEII Sculpture Gallery

The outdoor Sculpture Gallery is located in the forecourt of the Cultural Precinct and can host everything from art markets to parades.

With digital and design works integrating with the sculptures, this spectacular outdoor gallery can be experienced 24/7.

Floor Plans

Level 1

Level 1 floor plan

Level 2

floor plan level 2