Photography Workshop: Lighting

When: Sunday 21 May, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Where: Workshop within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA

Price: $120 ($110 moMAMA / Concession)

Learn to utilise a variety of artificial lighting sources to enhance your digital photographs. From flash and speed light camera attachments to dedicated studio lighting, this full-day workshop will help you achieve a better result within a variety of equipment budgets. Workshop topics include:

Product Photography: Get a more consistent look and feel with your product photographs for your online store and social media posts. Learn to utilise light tents and a variety of lighting options to professionalise your digital images.

Bring in any objects from home that you would like to learn how to photograph, or have had difficulty photographing in the past including jewellery, glassware, models, handmade items, plants, and mirrors. A variety of objects will be available on the day in the MAMA studio for students to experiment with.

Portrait Photography: Learn to compose a better portrait of friends and family in a controlled lighting environment. Get pro tips on choosing the best angle and pose to take a flattering portrait, together with technical considerations for manual use of your digital SLR, including lens selection, focal point, exposure, and other technical considerations.

Students will practice portraiture in a number of poses and lighting scenarios, and will each go home with a set of portraits and headshots that they will be able to utilise as headshots for business or social media profiles.

This course is designed for students with some experience using a digital SLR. Beginners are welcome, however, some competency using the manual settings on your camera will be an advantage. Contact us if you are unsure about your skill levels for this course.

You'll need to bring your own camera SLR (DSLR), or at least a high end compact camera with manual (M) setting, the camera manual and a tripod, if you have one. There will be  studio lighting and other equipment available for participants to use, however Dirk welcomes students to bring along any other lighting or equipment that they would like to learn how to use.

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Portrait of photographic tutor Dirk Wallace

Meet Dirk Wallace

Dirk Wallace is an experienced freelance photographer, as a commercial photographer for events, and business. Dirk is a web developer and incorporates his photography work into online applications for business, specialising in camera and photography stores.

As an artist, Dirk has a passion for botanical photography, and abstract photographic art. He enjoys the medium of photography as a way of capturing the elements of nature, and utilises experimental photographic techniques to extend the medium.

Dirk particularly enjoys building community around art, and connecting people through their love of photography. As a teacher, Dirk is appreciated for his ability to ignite his students interest and creative flair, whilst providing stepwise, practical tuition on the technical details.