Basic Photo Editing

When: Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 25 April - 28 June, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Where: ACE Radio Boardroom, MAMA

Price: $190 ($171 moMAMA / Concession)

Is your computer overflowing with disorganised, unedited photos?

Learn how to handle images like a pro in this 10 week course, including:

  • Understanding different image file types
  • Importing digital images into editing software, and working with each file type
  • Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite applications including Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Adjusting exposure, contrast, saturation and lighting levels
  • Enhancing a flat images into more dynamic images
  • Basic retouching skills, such as skin tone correction, swapping faces in group shots, and removing unwanted objects from photos using Photoshop
  • Using applications such as Lightroom to organise and archive files
  • Exporting images for web and print
  • Scanning old print photos and retouching for print or archive

You will need to bring your own computer for this course, with Adobe Creative Suite installed. Adobe CS is now available as a month-to-month license. We recommend the Photography Package as a minimum for this course, at $11.99/month. This includes Photoshop and Lightroom. However, you can add extra applications to your subscription if you like.

The Wednesday session is now booked out. A Tuesday evening class has been added.
Please contact us if this class time is booked out and we will put your name on a waiting list for another session.

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Portrait of photographic tutor Dirk Wallace

Meet Dirk Wallace

Dirk Wallace is an experienced freelance photographer, as a commercial photographer for events, and business. Dirk is a web developer and incorporates his photography work into online applications for business, specialising in camera and photography stores.

As an artist, Dirk has a passion for botanical photography, and abstract photographic art. He enjoys the medium of photography as a way of capturing the elements of nature, and utilises experimental photographic techniques to extend the medium.

Dirk particularly enjoys building community around art, and connecting people through their love of photography. As a teacher, Dirk is appreciated for his ability to ignite his students interest and creative flair, whilst providing stepwise, practical tuition on the technical details.