Workshop: Seeing Sound with Ross Manning

When: Saturday 28 April, 10.00am - 1.00pm

Where: Workshop within the Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Price: $20, All new materials provided. Participants asked to bring in an old device with a speaker (landline phone, old toy, radio)

Explore the possibilities of turning light into sound in this hands-on workshop with artist, musician and instrument maker Ross Manning.

Using a pair of scissors and repurposed household items, Ross will show participants how to build different electronic devices - experimental microphones, a light sensitive optical audio cable and a solar cell pick up.

Once built, you will have the opportunity to explore MAMA to test the sound of your electronic experiments.

This workshop is suitable for all ages (8+), and for those interested in tinkering, sound and electronics.  No prior knowledge or special skills are required.

Participants are encouraged to bring an old speaker or radio, landline phone or toy that makes sound to experiment on.

Meet Ross Manning

Brisbane-based Ross Manning is an artist whose practice spans experimental music, new technologies, and immersive installations that often involve the play of light.

His work draws together everyday domestic items that produce light and sound. The objects, once removed from their intended function, create effects that are simple in form yet surprising in outcome. Coloured fluorescent tubes are spun by plastic fans, clock chimes are struck by spinning string and solar panels sound activated by the luminesce of a TV.

Revealing both the construction and materials in his installations, Manning playfully dissects overlooked technologies to produce hypnotic exchanges between light, sound and movement.

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