Meet the Artist: Tom Doherty

When: Friday 13 October, 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Where: MAMA, 546 Dean Street, Albury

Price: FREE

Tom Doherty was the joint winner of the Windmill Trust Scholarship in 2004. His primary focus is on Plein Air watercolour landscape paintings with inspiration drawn from his home in the Blue Mountains.

Tom said, “The dramatic effects of weather patterns in the place I live, the airy, changeable and ambiguous atmosphere and mood of the Mountains constantly inform my work. This led to my interest in breaking down the components of living organisms and forces of nature – vapours, mists and gases. All these elements make themselves felt in my work. “ The Windmill Trust Scholarship gave me affirmation that I was on the right path”.

MAMA is pleased to host an opportunity for the public to meet the artist. At this event, Tom will speak about his arts practice and the role that the Windmill Trust have played in overcoming his challenges to pursue his arts career. Tom has experienced two cerebellar strokes and also suffers from an intolerance to solvents (essential in the practice of oil paints, his preferred medium). Tom credits the support of the Trust as essential in the continuation of his arts practice.

In his practice, Tom  focuses on his intuitive, meditative response to the landscape to create emotive and atmospheric landscape watercolours and drawings. The viewer is invited to sit in deep contemplation before the work until the sense of self dissolves into and beyond the surface of each work.

There is a highly developed textural quality and physical depth created through Tom’s use of select hand made papers that play off on the contrasting fields of saturated and muted colours on the painting’s surface.

Tom Doherty grew up in country Victoria and lives and works in Brisbane. He is currently working on landscape paintings at nearby North Stradbroke Island and the Darling Downs.