Meet the Artist: Nicole Welch

When: Monday 16 October, 11.00am - 12.00pm

Where: MAMA, 546 Dean Street, Albury

Price: FREE

Nicole Welch will talk about her critically acclaimed work Wildēorness Body which reflects the inherent loss and uncertainty that we now face for the natural environment, while simultaneously being a personal acknowledgement of the artist embracing her mortality and the wolf (lupus) that inhabits her body and world. Welch will comment ton the significance of the 1880’s chantilly lace mourning shawl she wears in the work, the symbolism of the mirror and the process she undertook to make the endurance piece the is the Wildēorness Body. Wildēorness (Old English) – a land inhabited only by wild animals.

Welch spent several weeks at BigCi artist residency near the Wollemi National Park where she researched and created work for this exhibit.

About the Artist

Nicole Welch’s artistic process involves traversing through areas of bushland, where she locates historically and environmentally significant landscapes to create compositions using large-scale projectors, generators, spotlights and research-inspired objects. Installations are enacted and recorded in situ, resulting in a truly incongruous image that records in real time both past and present ideologies.

Welch’s most recent body of work Wildēorness Land is an ambitious, monumental cinematic exhibition combining installation, photography and moving image that investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint. The exhibition draws upon archival records that illuminate early European’s romantic notions of Australian wilderness juxtaposed with contemporary ideas and concerns that reflect the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for our natural environment. She spent several weeks at BigCi artist residency near the Wollemi National Park where she researched and created works for this exhibition.

Welch has been invited to show numerous exhibitions in a solo capacity; including exhibitions at MAY SPACE/Brenda May Gallery (2017, 2015, 2014, 2013), Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (2017), Murray Art Museum Albury (2015), Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (2016, 2012, 2007), the University of Wollongong (2008) and the Canberra School of Art (1998). Welch’s 2015 series responded to the eastern interior of Australia, geographically stretching between Bathurst and Albury. The resulting works were shown in both locations, as well as Brenda May Gallery. A small selection of these works was also presented at Sydney Contemporary in September of 2015. Welch’s exhibition Apparitions (2014) progressed her conceptual and technical ideas exceptionally, seeing works enter the collections of Artbank, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and a major corporate collection, as well as being named a finalist in the Kennedy Prize. Welch’s works are also in the collections of Murray Art Museum Albury, Parliament House Art Collection Canberra, Macquarie Group, Canberra School of Art (ANU), Harris Farm Market’s Collection and the National Library of Australia, among others.

As Welch creates location inspired work, it lends itself to immersive residencies and site-related projects. This has led to her completing residencies at Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives (2016) and Hill End (2014, 2010), as well as multiple commissions, including a large-scale piece for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (2013). Welch has also won the Windmill Trust Scholarship (2011), the Harris Farm Markets Acquisitive Art Award (2010), the Studio One Residency Award (1998), the Megalo Access Residency Award (1998) and the Chamberlains Law Firm Acquisition Award (1998).