ARTCHAT with Abi Thompson

When: Thursday 26 July, 10.15am - 12.00pm

Where: Joss Family Galleries, MAMA.

Price: FREE

moMAMA invites you to ARTCHAT, an intimate discussion about art and art issues at be held once (or twice) a month at MAMA.

Our special guest on 26 July will be Abi Thompson.

Abi has a degree from RMIT in Graphic Design and Illustration and has taught art in various local educational and community groups.  Fifty years experience has enabled Abi to transverse many artistic styles and expressions. Her national artistic profile has been significantly based on her prolific textile practice. Abi is well-known for her colourful textiles and novel clothing. In the last three years she has returned to using her early illustration skills in paintings of rocky landscapes that incorporate colour and textures reminiscent of her textile work. Abi constructs her paintings first, by layering colour, second, by using definition through the boldness of monoprints, and then, by making linear detail on the top layer.

Both members and non-members are most welcome to attend. Please join us for morning tea afterwards.

For more information contact Sally Denshire at

We hope to see you there!